It is everyone's role to evangelise by the witness of our lives, our example, our encouragement.
Very few people come to Christ or to Christ's Church by themselves, Someone brings them.

Pope Francis has called us all to Mission and evangelisation.

Evangelisation means spreading the good news of Jesus Christ' Gospel to those who Have never heard of it.
The New Evangelisation is aimed at three groups:

  • The committed Catholic, to encourage them to share their faith, to remind them that they are     called to be witnesses by their life-style and their beliefs.
  •  The baptised but uncatechised - who kniow nothing of the faith they were baptised into.
  • Those who have drifted away, influenced by secularism, materialism, indifferentism - who  need to  be called back.

What new methods could the Churcvh use to reach these groups?
How can we better package the message?   Have you taken part in any siccessful programmes?
If you would like to answer these and other questions contact Pat Lythe at the Evangelisation Office patl@cda.org.nz.

The Diocesan Plan "Fit For Mission" urges us to look outside our own peopl;e and see how can we evagelise our society, our local world?

Personal questions re your own evangelisation efforts:

Are you a person of hope and joy, grateful for all that God gives you?
When did you last invite someone to come to Mass with you?
Or offer to pray with them or for them when they share a need?
Or lend them a book?
or talk with them about the influence of God in your life?

Parishes need to look at their planning - are we hospitable, welcoming to those who do come?
Would they want to come back? Is the liturgy vibrant, lively, inclusive?

The Evangelisation Office offers assistance to groups working in Evangelisation.

The two major processes or programmes in the diocese are the RCIA , or the Catechumenate and programmes for Returning Catholics.

The RE team offers support fior parish RCIA teams.

There is a new programme available for Young people - for uncatechised and for thise wabting to know more about the Church. ReWired.

Contact Pat patl@cda.org.nz for futher enquiries.
or 360.3004

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