Pastoral Councils

The Auckland Diocese has operated with pastoral councils for many years, since the Second Vatican Council.

Pastoral Councils are a recognition of the roles of lay people to collaborate with the clergy in the shared rersponsibility for the total welfare of the different parts of the diocese, parish, region and diocese in their objectives to serve the mission of Christ. Pastoral councils have a care for the pastoral and spiritual needs of their constituencies.

Parishes are expected to have pastoral councils;

Regions, ie geographical groupings of parishes, should also have pastoral councils.
(There are 7 deanery groupings, ie groupings of priests) and six regional groupings.
Te Tai Tokerau, North Shore, Western, City/Central/Eastern and South Auckland.)

The Bishop has a Diocesan Pastoral Council which pulls its members from the regions and the erthnic communities, Religious, Council of Priests and Youth.

Pastoral Councils are not to be confused with Finance councils. Pastoral Councils set the priorities for the parish, region or pastoral area. The Finance Council advises the Pastoral Council of the financial implications of those decisions, and helps the Pastoral Council budget and manage the finances.